Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent Year A (7)

Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent Year A

Theme: Fear is a liar

By: Fr. Johnbosco Obika


Homily for Sunday December 22 2019

Isaiah 7:10-14
Romans 1:1-7
Matthew 1:18-24
One of the songs I play in my quiet moments is “Fear is a liar” by Zach Williams. One of the stanza of the song always catch my attention with the way it explains what fear does. It says,
“When he told you were troubled
You’ll forever be alone
When he told you you should run away
You’ll never find a home
When he told you you were dirty
And you should be ashamed
When he told you you could be the one
That grace could never change”. The chorus keeps shouting “fear is liar”.
AT the darkest moment of human history when fear and anxiety held humanity in chains, when the world was sustained only by the last energy of hope, and the coming of the Messiah was long expected, God stretched his hands and wrote straight on crooked line. Indeed, everyone had every reason to fear. The Jews were afraid of the Romans and needed urgently a Messiah. Humanity was in captivity of sin and error. Mary was afraid at the message of “seeming impossibility” from the Angel Gabriel. Ahaz in the first reading of today was afraid of Aram and the people of the Northern kingdom of Israel. Joseph in the gospel was afraid of taking Mary as his wife. To everyone of these God said, “Be not afraid”.

Fear prevents us from seeing God’s promises fulfilled. Fear covers God’s abilities and uncovers the weight of our problems. It actually makes us prey to human opinion. Fear makes us move to the wrong direction and cause others to follow. It makes us to be silent when we should speak up. It opens the door for demonic possessions. Mary was faced with the difficulty of accepting the virgin birth and so was Joseph in a accepting pregnant Mary as wife. But God told them as He tells us, “do not be afraid”. They believed, took courage and all fear was arrested. We might be facing some fear of past mistakes, fear of present challenges, fear of unknown tomorrow, fear of our country and what would happen next. Let faith take the place of fear in us will actually see what God has started doing already. Trust in God breaks the jinx of fear.

Let us trust and surrender to divine will as it opens the portal of God’s grace. Mary trusted, surrendered all, said Yes to all, endured all and gave us all, that is Jesus Christ. May we approach Christ this season with total surrender and without fear that we may partake in the promises of the Messiah. The coming of Jesus has uncovered the hoax of fear, now we know fear is a liar.

Fr. Johnbosco Obika

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