Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent Year A (5)

Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent Year A

Theme: I will give you rest

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Sunday December 22 2019

Seventh Day of Sambaing Gabi, December 22, 2019, (Mt. 1:18-24)

In today’s Gospel we have Joseph’s encounter with the angel Gabriel regarding Mary’s condition and God’s plan. Joseph came to know about Mary’s pregnancy. While he and Mary had been betrothed, they had not been married and, therefore, had not lived together.It was a difficult situation to understand and explain to the community. In order to save Mary from the scandal of bearing a child without marriage, Joseph decided to divorce Mary. It would have been a perfect solution. However, Joseph was necessary because it was through his lineage that the promised Messiah would come from. No matter how good was Joseph’s intention, the will of God was much much better. Di siya nakalusot!

We remember Mary had a similar situation. The same angel announced to her the Good but shocking News that she will be the mother of the Son of God. It was an impossible situation because she had no relations (meaning had not slept or lived together) with any man. She was just betrothed to Joseph. It was similar, in the present time, with engagement. Marriage had been planned but the couple still lives separately. To bear a child out of unfaithfulness, at that time, was punishable by death. Against Mary’s doubt and maybe, fear, the angel assured her that it was God’s will and she should not worry about anything for “nothing is impossible with God.” Di rin siya nakalusot!

We have a patient God! He understands our limitations, questions, confusions, and even lack of faith. He encourages us to trust Him and believe that everything would be perfect.
The prophet Isaiah advised Ahaz in the first reading today. King Ahaz was torn in alienating between two countries. He thought he needed the alliance in order to be strong against any foreign invasion. It was a sign of unfaithfulness to and lack of trust in God. Isaiah told King Ahaz to ask for a sign. But King Ahaz was cynical. He was afraid of tempting God. But that would be worse than embracing a pagan nation. Thus, Isaiah exclaimed,”Listen, O house of David! Is it not enough for you to weary people, must you also weary my God?” Then, the sign was given. With respect to knowing God’s will, God will never weary.
“Must you also weary God?” Must we test God’s patience? God was patient with Mary and Joseph. He was also patient with David, Peter, Paul, Zacchaeus, Matthew, the adulterous woman, and each and everyone of us!

Let us be thankful for God’s patience. In the parable of the weeds among the wheat, the owner decided not to pull the weeds because in the process the wheat maybe uprooted with them. The weeds, which represent the children of the evil one, are left until harvest time. Weeds remain weeds. But people change. It is the hope of God that the evil ones will change at the proper time. God loves us so much that He is willing to wait for us. He does not grow weary for us. He is the refuge of those who are weary. ‘Come to me, all you who are weary…” says the Lord Jesus. He is willing to carry our yoke with us. He is there to help us, console us, and guide us.

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