Homily for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (2)

Homily for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Message of repentance

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Sunday January 26 2020

(Mt. 4:12-17) Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel, Jesus immediately proclaimed His mesage of repentance and the coming of the Kingdom of God. When He came on that silent and holy night, He meant to bring the Good News of salvation. Hopefully, everyone who hears the news will respond with alacrity and with enthusiasm.

Also, He recruited men who will be witnesses to everything He will say and do. They will be witnesses of the Gospel, proclaim and transmit them to the next generation. The deposit of faith which they had heard and seen will be shared to the next batch of Christians who, in turn, will share it to the next. The end of the chain is on us now. We now have that responsibility of continuing the chain, i.e. preserving the deposits of faith and ascertain its transmittal.

It is in this context that the Church must be understood. To some, they think that the Church is the one concocting and producing the doctrines. The truth is, the Church only preaches what was transmitted. Of course, the Church makes the teachings relevant and reads the signs of the times to adapt the teachings. Nevertheless, anything revealed and taught by Jesus can never be changed. Jesus is the founder and the apostles are the caretakers. Only Jesus’ teachings explained and understood in the words of the Church should be taught and lived by the People of God.

The second reading gives us an idea of the volatile situation in the early Christian community. There was a tendency to develop loyalty to the leaders and preachers thus causing divisions. Paul saw the danger of focusing on the person than the Good News. It was Jesus who was crucified. It was Jesus who saved. Therefore, divisions caused by allegiances to leaders must never prevail. Rather, in preaching one Good News and one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, unity results.

There is urgency in proclaiming the coming of the Kingdom and the call to repentance but the truth and accuracy of the teachings are not sacrificed. We need to change with the help of the true words and faithfulness to the true God Jesus.

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