Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent YEAR A (4)

Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent YEAR A

Theme: The Transfiguration

By: Fr. Patrick


Homily for Sunday March 8 2020

Gospel: Mt 17:1-9

My dear friends our Gospel this Sunday of the Transfiguration anticipates Easter, that is Jesus being raised from the dead, the greatest event of history. The Transfiguration is like a mini-Easter, a moment of light, glory and revelation on the way to support Jesus and his disciples. Before the final and full revelation of Easter, Jesus had to go through his passion and death. We had the temptations of Jesus in last week’s Gospel which was part of his spiritual purification. In this season of Lent we are also being spiritually purified, doing a spiritual spring-clean of our lives you could say – by means of prayer, works of penance and almsgiving. Like Jesus we too have to go through times of pain and sacrifice in many forms – and not just during Lent, but all through life – before we enter into our eternal Easter.

Please God we’ll also have moments of light, glory and transfiguration like Jesus in this week’s Gospel to help us on our journey through life to our heavenly homeland.

Conclusion of Mass – the takeaway

May we experience moments of transfiguration like Jesus and his disciples on our journey this Lent and throughout life!

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