Homily for the 1st Sunday of Advent Year A (9)

Homily for the 1st Sunday of Advent Year A

Theme: Something great is on the way

By: Fr Emmanuel Nwokeji.


Homily for Sunday December 1 2019

Today is the beginning of Advent season and the beginning of the month of December. Advent is the first season of the Church’s calendar and December is the last month of the year. The Church is giving us Hope, something great is on the way even at the eleventh hour.

The Gospel of today; Matthew 24:37-44, captures it very well how we ought to live in expecting something great. The Gospel emphasises the need to cultivate the following virtues: watchfulness, faithfulness, stewardship, preparedness and expectancy.
Preoccupying ourselves with mundane matters of every day life may lead to unprepared when judgement fell suddenly. If we are not concern about this great thing on the way, that is, the second coming of Jesus Christ, we would also be swept away in the midst of our daily activities.

Let us be ready at all times, so that in case He comes sooner than anticipated, also to be prepared in case He delays longer than expected since no one knows the Day of the Lord that accompanies His coming.

Happy New Month and first Sunday of Advent.
Fr Emmanuel Nwokeji.

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