Homily for the 1st Sunday of Advent Year A (4)

Homily for the 1st Sunday of Advent Year A

Theme: The coming of the Lord

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Sunday December 1 2019

(Lk. 24:37-44) First Sunday of Advent, Cycle A, Year II

In today’s Gospel, the beginning of a new liturgical year for the Church, Jesus gives an analogy of how His second coming will be. Jesus mentioned the time of Noah when people were in sin and the world was ripe for salvation. The world was completely unaware of what was to come. To avoid the same fate, He told His disciples to stay awake, keep vigil, and anticipate the Lord’s coming.

The season of Advent is a triple anticipation. One, the first coming, Christmas, already happened. Our celebration is more a remembrance. We recognize the fact that once in history God fulfilled His promise to send a Messiah. Jesus was that Messiah. He came on a silent night, holy night. Unfortunately, the Israelites rejected Him. At most, He was recognized as a prophet. Yet, He was the Son of God. He fulfilled His mission by teaching and doing a lot of miracles. He brought the Good News. He died and resurrected.

The second coming is our own Advent. It is judgment day or the end times. It was promised by the Lord. While we do not know the time, He gave us the signs and the assurance. We must stay awake for it. It does not mean being up 24/7 but being prepared so that when it comes, we welcome it with joy. Jesus assured us of His presence and protection. He urged us to persist in our faith.

There is third coming. It happens everyday. Jesus comes in the Eucharist. Though in the form of bread and wine, we believe it is the Lord! It is a presence par excellence. We celebrate that coming. It nourishes our hungry and thirty soul. It is a daily experience of salvation.

We have four Sundays to reflect on these comings. Let us not forget that SOMEONE is coming. Let us not just decorate, buy and wrap gifts, sing carols, hold parties, and buy new things. Christmas is essentially a welcoming of our Savior, our salvation. Thus, stay awake and be prepared.

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