BY: Fr. Justin Nzekwe



We live in a world where everything must have a scientific prove. Faith for us is a risk, and many people are not ready to take the risk any more. The letter to the Hebrews described faith as, “the foundation of what is hoped for and proof of what is not seen.” There is no Christianity without faith. The book of Hebrews further recounted how our fathers in faith, had lived by faith. Abraham left his homeland to unknown land just because God asked him to do so. Sarah hoped that God will give her a child even at her old age, just because God promised to do so. Abraham also was even ready to sacrifice his only son just because God asked him to do so. However, one thing common among all those who have faith in God, is that God never disappointed them. Our faith in God is never in vain. Jesus told us that he is going to prepare a place for us in heaven, so that where he is, we will surely be. This is our greatest motivation as Christians, that after our life here on earth, we shall be going to heaven where there will be neither pain nor suffering.

The gospel reading gave us a secret to entering into the kingdom of God, when Jesus said, “Sell what you have and give it in alms; make bags that do not age, a safe treasure in the skies, where thief does not arrive and woodworm does not consume. Because, where your treasure is, there will your heart be too.” We might not necessarily sell all we have and go hungry, but Jesus is reminding us of the value of giving alms to the poor, and helping those in need, and doing all forms of good work. He reminds us that whatever we have is given to us by God and we shall one day give account of how we used the wealth we have while on earth to serve God. God made us administrators of whatever we have, and if we are able to use them to take good care of the poor, the needy and those going through difficulties, God will surely bless and reward us. Our attitude should always be like the servant who behave appropriately, knowing fully well that his master will surely come, even though he did not know when. Our lives should always be an expression of faith. If we are behaving properly and doing our duties like faithful servants, the coming of the master will not be a scary event, but rather something we should look forward to, since the master will be coming to reward us.

However, if we neglect our duties, we shall receive punishment as unfaithful servants. For Jesus said, “The servant who, knowing the will of his master, will not have arranged or acted according to his will, will receive many blows; the one instead that, not knowing her, he will have done things worthy of beating, he will receive few.” How often have we become unfaithful servants of God? How often have we become less prepared for the coming of the master? How often have we continued to live in sin as if the master will never come back? Our Lord is merciful, but we cannot take his mercies for granted. We pray in this holy mass for the grace to be worthy stewards of all the blessings God have given to us. We ask God to grant us the grace to be faithful and good servants in the kingdom of God. We pray that God may not judge or punish us according to the guilt of our sins, but according to his mercies which endures forever.

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