Homily for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (3)

Homily for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A


By: Rev. Fr. Jacob Aondover ATSU


Homily for Sunday August 2 2020

READINGS: ISAIAH 55:1-3, PSALM 145, ROMANS 8:35.37-39, MATTHEW 14:13-21

Lack or shortage is a characteristic phenomenon of humankind. We are always in need of something. It is either our desires are insufficiently met or they are not forthcoming at all. We lack food, drink, shelter, good health, happiness, divine presence etc. With Jesus in our lives however, our lack and shortage turns to abundance.

This Sunday therefore is a clarion call that we ‘come to (him) the water all who are thirsty, even without money’ (Isa. 55:1); for he, the Lord, ‘opens wide his hand to grant our desires’ (Ps. 145:16). Moreover, ‘nothing can ever interfere between us and Christ’s love; not food, worry or persecution’ (Rom. 8:35). That is why he looks out for us with compassion and feeds us even with limited resources as he did to the five thousand men (Mat. 14:19-21).

Beloved friends, if God made the world out of nothing, why won’t he sustain man, his ultimate creature through difficult and rough moments of his life? God, my dear friends loves us beyond telling and he doesn’t wait for us to ask him for assistance before helping us. In today’s gospel, while the disciples of Christ saw the five loves and two fish as insufficient; Christ saw them as a gift from God. That so, he simply asked his Father to multiply his gifts to accommodate five thousand men and more.

• Do not be selfish, never consider your possessions too little to share.
• Ours is a God who’s ready to supply every need of ours, his invitation is for everyone, even the poor (First Reading).
• His love for us is unrivaled, unbreakable and eternal; we may confidently approach him for help as such (Second Reading).
• Christ wouldn’t allow those who come to him to go home unsatisfied, he feeds them spiritually and physically (Gospel).
• With Christ, inadequacy, lack and shortage posses no problem; He turns shortage to abundance. Go to him today.
• Your limited resources are gifts from God, why not return to him for ‘more supplies’? Remember Psalm 145.

Happy Sunday my beloved friends. Take to FEED AND CATER FOR THE NEEDS OF THE POOR AROUND YOU.

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