Homily for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A (3)

Homily for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Don’t give up. God is watching

By: Fr. Justin Nzekwe


Homily for Sunday July 19 2020

Oftentimes, we compare ourselves with others. We question the benefit of living a righteous life, since some sinners go unpunished and even have more progress than some Christians. We feel the pain of the enemies of God hurting or oppressing us just because they know that we would not retaliate because we do not want to offend God. Just like the enemy who planted the weed at night in a wheat farm in the parable of the wheat and weed, our own enemies cause us much suffering and steal our peace of soul, making us to question the power of God. This enemy can be within the family, the community, it could be the oppressive laws of the government, it could be those whom we call our friends. The parable makes us to understand that sinners are only enjoying the temporal permission and mercies of God. God does not want to hurt the innocent people while trying to punish the sinners. That is why God instructed the laborers according to the parable of today, not to uproot the weeds immediately from the farm, so that they do not mistakenly uproot the wheat. They are to wait for the final time of harvest when the weed which represents the doers of evil will be harvested first and burnt with fire, while the wheat which represents the righteous will be gathered into the barn, which is God’s kingdom.

We must know that our daily sacrifices as Christians is like planting a mustard seed which will blossom into a huge tree where the birds can make their nests as the second parable told us. We must therefore never give up. The saints in heaven are perfect examples. Some of them suffered so much on earth, but now they are enjoying the glory of heaven. Most of them were insignificant while they were on earth, but now we rely on their intercessions in our prayers. Our sacrifices are like leaven which when added to the flour makes it to rise.

Though the journey to heaven may be sometimes a difficult journey with many distractions on the way. We therefore need to ask for God’s help through prayers at every stage of the journey. And since God knew we are imperfect and we are incapable of making this journey on our strength alone, the second reading of today reminds us that: “the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” We therefore call upon the Holy Spirit to enable us to receive the answers to our good heart desires as celebrate this holy mass today.

May the Holy Spirit give us the strength to remain faithful Christians without giving up even at difficult moments. And May he open our inner minds to understand the deeper mysteries of God’s kingdom, for the glory of God and the salvation of our souls.

Sia lodato Gesu Cristo!

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