Homily for Saturday of the 3rd Week of Advent

Homily for Saturday of the 3rd Week of Advent

Theme: Joseph The Silent Man Who Played A Very Role In The Incarnation Story!

By: Fr. Diotacious Chikontwe SMA


Homily for Saturday December 18 2021

Jeremiah 23:5-8
Psalm 71:1-2,12-13,18-19
Matthew 1:18-24

Dear Brethrens, the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to announce the message about the Incarnation of the Son of God. This happened on two occasions: first, to Mary, and second, to Joseph. After Mary agreed to God’s plan to become the Mother of Jesus, the angel also appeared to Joseph in a dream. And that is why the Gospel today is about the annunciation to Joseph.

It is important that Joseph agrees to this divine plan because, as prophesied in Scriptures, the awaited Messiah will be called ‘Son of David’. This means that He is to be born in the royal lineage of David. As shown clearly in the Gospel yesterday, Joseph belongs to the line of David.
Secondly, Joseph has to accept Mary as his wife to keep her safe and secure.

The Mosaic Law stipulates that an unmarried woman who gets pregnant will be stoned to death as punishment. That is why when Joseph learned about the pregnancy of Mary, he “decided to divorce her quietly” in order not “to expose her to shame.” ‘Exposing to shame’ simply means making the issue publicly known, and, therefore, be subject to this cruel death penalty. The revelation of the angel led Joseph to change his mind and decide to proceed with the marriage.

Joseph is the best choice for Mary’s husband and foster father of Jesus for he is a “righteous man” – humble, devout, hardworking and completely faithful and obedient to God. He may be a simple man, but he must be very special for he was particularly chosen by God for this very important role, entrusting to his protection and care His only Son, Jesus and His mother.

On this this day dear brethrens, the liturgy of today reminds us, to go to Joseph. Especially during these times of crisis and uncertainty, let us be assured of the fatherly protection and intervention of St. Joseph.
Let us all be the bearers of the true Light in our society today, through our every faithful actions and deeds.
May Saint Joseph pray for Us.

Fr. Diotacious Chikontwe SMA

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