Homily for Saturday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year II (2)

Homily for Saturday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year II


By: Rev. Fr. Jacob Aondover ATSU


Homily for Saturday February 1 2020

READINGS: 2SAMUEL 12:1-7.10-17, PSALM 51, MARK 4:35-41

Faith has many meanings; it means reliance, trust, pledge, loyalty and fidelity and for Hebrews 1:1, it is the assurance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not seen. When Paul spoke about “what no eye has seen, no ear heard, nor the human heart conceiving what God has prepared for those who love him” (1Cor. 2:9), he was speaking of faith. And indeed, all of us Christians, who have not seen God; those who believe that God created the world, Jesus redeemed it and the Holy Spirit continually sanctifies it, are men and women of faith.

Fear on the other hand is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat. This feeling besides causing a change in metabolic and organ function in us, initiates a change in behaviour. It leaves us frightened of almost everything at such moments. Indeed, fear is a sworn enemy of man. Today we see the disciples of Christ frightened by the great storm of wind to the disappointment of Christ who asked them; ‘Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?’ (Mk. 4:40). They forgot who they were, ‘beings created in the image and likeness of God’. They forgot that God had handed the world and all in it to them at the very beginning when he said: “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth and SUBDUE it. RULE over the fish in the sea…” (Gen. 1:28). Ultimately, they forgot that the Messiah, through whom all things were made (Jn. 1:3) was with them!

Faith conquers everything. Through faith our sins, no matter how terrible will be forgiven even as David’s sin was forgiven by God. Through faith, we are assured of God’s ever abiding presence in our lives, businesses, work, journeys and so on. Through faith, we stand tall as conquerors even in the face of raging storms and winds of life; spiritual or physical. Through faith, we are blessed beyond measures: remember, Abraham our Father in faith was blessed as a result of his faith (Gen. 12:1ff,); also, Sarah conceived and bore Isaac through faith (Heb. 11:11-12, Gen. 21:1ff). Besides, Christ himself tells us just how powerful we would be when we have faith as little as the size of the mustard seed (Matt. 17:20, Lk. 17:6). He further tasks us to be men and women of faith in Matthew 21:21 for by doing so, we can do even greater things than he did. It pays to have faith in God.

The call for us today dear friends is to shun every form of fear for God is with us, he knows us by name and we are his. Moreover, he journeys with us through the fires and waters of this life making sure we are neither burnt nor drowned (Isa. 43:1-2). Why then are we afraid of the unknown, why fear men and other created things when actually we should be SUBDUING and RULING them all? Where is our faith?


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