Homily for Saturday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year II (1)

Homily for Saturday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year II


By: Fr. Ben Agbo


Homily for Saturday February 1 2020

* 2 Sam 11 : 1 – 17, Mk 4 : 26 – 34.
According to Kent Hughes in his great book, ‘The Disciplines of a godly man’, the fall of great men always passes through the following gradients ;

1. Disensitization ; When they become less spiritually sensitive. When they weaken their devotion and sense of duty, example in the case of King David, he stopped going to war and remained in Jerusalem, sleeping and idling away his time. The bible said ‘He remained…. he rose from his couch …he saw…he looked at a naked woman bathing and the woman was very beautiful… And David sent and inquired about the woman ….and took her …and he lay with her’.

2. Relaxation ; When they relax their spiritual disciplines like prayer ( especially meditative prayer) and fasting the worst begins to happen.

3. Fixation ; When they fix their attention on frivolities. Watching the body contours of a naked woman was David’s undoing. For some other great men, it may be drinking alcohol, watching bad movies or hanging out with bad friends. For some others, it may be the quest to remain in power.

4. Rationalization ; There is nothing the devil cannot justify once he takes over a human mind. It can make one take a man’s wife and think he is doing charity to her. It can make a politician or judge scuttle the mandate of a people and see it as God’s verdict.

5. Degeneration ; Once the devil has penetrated a king or a man of God, the rest of the story will be degeneration from one scandal to the other.

In summary, the story of degeneration among kings and men of God always revolves around these 3 indices which is popularly called the 3 ‘W’s ;

1. Wealth ; When they want to be wealthy and remain powerful at all means. They end up in one form of secret cult or the other as many of our Nigerian politicians do and will keep on wanting to move from House of this to House of that, from Senator to Governor and vice versa. The final result is that they kill our democracy and turn it into cabalocrasy, plutocrasy and governocrazy. Friends, brutality is the end point of power preservation ; a “Uriah” is often brutalized somewhere.

2. Women ; One evil woman is often found behind the scene dictating the tempo of the music. I know a certain very powerful charismatic priest who fell due to his affiliations with the wife of a certain deputy governor of a certain state in Nigeria. I know a great politician who fell in politics due to his terrible stint with women and alcohol.

3. Alcohol ; This one is another killer of character and greatness, making kings like Herod end up with the ‘head of a John the Baptist’.
Let me just stop here. Sins and scandals must be uncovered, publicly denounced and repented of. Otherwise, it puts a whole nation in trouble, Prov 14 : 34. It took the courage of a small prophet Nathan to reverse the trend for King David and the Israelite nation. May God help us in Nigeria to stop the trend of evil. May God bless you today!

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