Homily for Saturday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time Year A (1)

Homily for Saturday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Persistent prayer

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Saturday November 16 2019

(Lk. 18:1-8) Saturday of the Thirty Second Week in Ordinan today’s Gospel Jesus tells the parable of the wicked judge and the persistent woman. This parable seems to give the impression that just as the woman was able to get what she wanted from a wicked judge due to her persistence, we will also get what we want from God by being persistent. Wrong! While persistence is a sign of will to possess, the focus of Jesus here is the great difference of God from the wicked judge. Jesus, in order to bring home His point, put everything into extremes in His parables.

The message Jesus was giving was if a judge who does not fear God nor man, after much persistence from the weakest ones (women during the time of Jesus were considered minor citizens), how much more is God is good and essentially generous? God does not really need persistence. He gives freely. If He needs us to be persistent, it is really to make us express our needs and wants before God. Persistence is a form of humility.

We cannot relegate God to being human who can be bribed or softened by kind actions much more pressures. God gives from His goodness and wisdom. The challenge to us is to know His will so we will know how, when, what, and why we must ask. The Blessed Virgin Mary was an expert in it. She knew His Son. That is why we are encouraged to be close to the Blessed Mother. Through her, we can know a lot about the Lord.

Next time you pray, trust that God gives. Let us just make ourselves always worthy.

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