Homily for Saturday of the 2nd Week in Ordinary Time Year II (1)

Homily for Saturday of the 2nd Week in Ordinary Time Year II

Theme: Spread the Good News

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Saturday January 25 2020

(Mt. 16:15-18) Feast of the Conversion of Paul, the Apostle

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells His apostles to go and spread the Good News to all. Anyone who is baptized will benefit from the Kingdom. This is an apt Gospel given the role St. Paul played in spreading the Good News to the Gentiles. St. Paul went to many places proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus and His teachings. He helped create Christian communities organize into churches which accepted members, baptized them, and propagate the Christian Faith.

St. Paul inspires those who had been deep into sin to recover and be converted back to the Lord. There is hope for everyone. Remember that Paul was a brutal executioner of Christians. He was feared and dreaded by the Christians. But the grace of the resurrected Jesus appearing before him was too much to ignore. He was enlightened and even became a zealous preacher. Though he was not an original apostle, he was one in the true sense of the word. He had an encounter with the risen Lord and possessed exemplary faith.

Two things should help us in this feast. No matter how bad a person has become, that person has hope of changing for the good, much more for God. This is very relevant specially today when so many seem being executed without due process. Many drug victims are still being victimized by being summarily executed. We do not agree that these drug users and pushers are hopeless. While there is life, there is hope. Next, as Christians, we are not confined to proclaim the Good News to our families, parishes, and communities. We need to proclaim it to everyone, everywhere, at every time. Our apostolate discriminates no one. Let us continue the spirit of St. Paul.

St. Paul the Apostle!
Pray for us!

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