Homily for Saturday of the 1st Week of Advent Year A (1)

Homily for Saturday of the 1st Week of Advent Year A

Theme: The Harvest is Plentiful

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Friday December 7 2019

(Mt. 9:35-10:8) Saturday of the First Week of Advent

In today’s Gospel Jesus told His apostles the need for more apostles. He gave an example of the apostolate by His preachings and healing of the sick. People are thirsting and hungry for guidance and witnessing. Jesus got the attention of people by His life and ministry. For the best harvest at hand, Jesus accepted the fact that we can join and help Him. Just like a landowner, the workers can be a part of the responsibilities of managing a farm. In this case, winning souls for the Kingdom maybe entrusted to us too.

Gone are the days when priests alone are dedicated to the work of God. All baptized, in fact, have that responsibility to be a prophet, a priest, and a pastor. Our baptism incorporated us to the family of God, His mission, and His life. We are not only targets of evangelization anymore but are agents of it too. Priests and religious might have that primary vocation but the responsibility is shared.

In the Gospel, Jesus does not only address the priests and religious or those called to the vocation. In each capacity, status, and charism, they help the Church in her mission. Parents, teachers, laborers, etc. have their own people to witness too. Living a good example is the best way to let others be evangelized about our faith. One even professed that having tried and found the goodness of life is our basic reason to seek eternal life. In life we will see through death.

While it is true that holiness is a good base for a good and credible apostolate, woundedness maybe a blessing in disguise. God can write crooked lines with it. This is not to dispense and tolerate sin and immoralities. Our Church is holy because of God and sinful because of human beings. Weaknesses may at times prevail. But God is merciful and compassionate. Human beings are capable of repentance. Salvation is offered to everyone. We do not stop our apostolate just because we have sinned. The worker continues as a wounded healer.

Catholicism is addition. We need harvesters to invite and welcome souls to the Kingdom. Let us join Jesus in His mission. We may not be as immaculate as Him, but we can be zealous and humble. After all, belonging and working in the Christian ministry is salvific in itself. Let us work and pray as hard as we can and God will provide everything He can.

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