Homily for Saturday after Ash Wednesday Year A (1)

Homily for Saturday after Ash Wednesday Year A

Theme: The Invitation

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Saturday February 29 2020

(Lk. 5:27-32) Saturday After Ash Wednesday

In today’s Gospel Jesus meets Levi, the tax collector. Joyful about the meeting and the invitation of Jesus to follow Him, Levi (also Matthew) invited Jesus to his home and threw a banquet. The Pharisees were surprised and asked Jesus’s disciples about their master. It was Jesus who replied that He came for the sick, meaning sinners, and not for those who are well.

This is not only a Lenten message but a lifetime one. The Incarnation which culminated in the Resurrection is God becoming man in order to save us from our sins. That was Jesus’ mission. All throughout Jesus’ humanity, He gradually acted base on that mission. It is the key to understanding everything He said and did. He came not to socialize, politicize, be admired, make a record, confuse life, and whatever accusations and interpretations His critics and even some followers had hurled against Him. He came to love, forgive, heal, and provide hope, no matter how glimmer, to each and every lost soul.

Why would Jesus command us to love our enemies? Forgive seventy seven times? Offer our lives for the faith? Be detached to everything except God? Avoid sin? Be perfect and holy? Be humble? Etc. They were things our world and person hate and discourage. The world and our humanity aches for unbridled freedom, revenge, survival of the fittest, fame, power, riches, death, amorality, atheism, etc. We are being led to believe that life is only until death. There is nothing beyond. Live and let live! Period!

For us Christians, life on earth is a mere minute fraction of true life. We are here as pilgrims on a journey to our true destiny, with God in His Kingdom. This, when we go astray because of sin. And we are captured by limitation which earth, at most, can provide, we need to be saved. We need Jesus our Lord. Hopefully we will go back to the right path. Hopefully we will see Him as our destiny. Hopefully we will grab the salvation He wrought for us with His own life.

We complain when we are sick. We are consoled when we see that person in white with something around the neck. The smile, the touch, the words of assurance coming from a professional and expert, and the concern. How much more Jesus whose words are actions, and touches are healings? He heals not only the body but also the soul. Levi immediately left everything and followed Jesus when invited. That is how powerful Jesus is when recognized. The invitation to be healed was just too much for a lost soul. Let us go to Him now. The invitation is always now.

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