Homily for Monday, Sixth Day Within the Octave of Christmas Year A (1)

Homily for Monday, Sixth Day Within the Octave of Christmas Year A

Theme: Intimacy with God

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Monday December 30 2019

(Lk. 2:36-40)
In today’s Gospel, we have Prophetess Anna who, like Simeon, was one of the few who had recognized the Messiah in the child Jesus as He was being presented by Mary and Joseph in the temple. She did it even before Jesus had done or said anything. Her faith, expressed in fasting and praying, provided her the graces to welcome Jesus, the one sent by God to save Israel. Of the many who were there, Anna (and Simeon) boldly professed their faith. Mary and Joseph must have been surprised by the testimony of Anna and Simeon.

I am sure Anna had been beset by frustration and doubt. It was not that easy to anticipate the coming of somebody important. She would rely only on signs. But when she saw the baby being offered by Joseph and Mary, she knew! She had established a close relationship with God that when the time of meeting Him came, she did not squander the opportunity.

Faith and close relationship with God make as know God better. It is no wonder that people see the same signs yet recognize differently. People experience the same situations yet they interpret them variedly. These only prove that faith and intimacy with God provide that spiritual sight that makes one alert and capable of understanding God’s communications.

Recognizing one’s vocation is very much like that. Vocation stories of both the religious and the secular are marked with common signs. Yet, they are distinctly understood and accepted. It was not only because God fashioned the sign to the individual. It was also because the individual had gone to know God better and deeper.

Simeon and Anna should inspire us to be constant in our faith and prayer. They help us become more intimate with God. in the process, no communication from God pass them unnoticed. Maybe for so many years, God had given us so many signs which we missed. Let us not let them happen again. Let us make sure that all God’s signs will be read and understood. Have faith. Live a regular prayer life. Do some sacrifices in the name of faith. Know God better and deeper.

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