Homily for Monday of the 1st Week in Ordinary Time Year A (2)

Homily for Monday of the First Week in Ordinary Time Year A. (St Felix of Nola).

Theme: Fishers of Men!

By: Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese).

Heb.1:1-6; Ps.97; Mark 1:14-20

Back in the day, exams had a way of getting us to sit up and make adequate preparations. None of us wanted to fail. In the examination that is life, God doesn’t want us to fail either. This is why he takes the initiative to communicate salvation to us by all means possible; from speaking to our fathers by the words of the prophets, to speaking to us through his son, Jesus Christ.

Friends, as we begin Ordinary Time once more, Jesus invites us to focus on him. He wants us to leave everything that distracts us immediately and follow him, that he may teach us how to be Fishers of Men. But how can we be Fishers, if we’re not first ‘fished’ by him? Jesus has made himself the perfect purification for our sins. What excuse do we have to fail life’s ultimate examination? Let us follow Jesus today. He is the only way to salvation.

Good morning dear. God bless your week ahead.

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