HOMILY FOR MONDAY OF 2ND WEEK OF EASTER (Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist).

THEME: Stand up to the Devil!

BY: Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese)


1 Pet. 5:5-14; Mark 16:15-20

The devil was not born today. He’s been working to frustrate the work of Christians long before we (of this generation) were born. However, Peter tells us today to wrap ourselves in humility; he encourages us to be calm and alert, in order that our faith may be strong enough to resist the devil. This is because every true disciple limits the influence of the devil in the world.

Friends, Mark who was a cousin of Barnabas, a follower of Paul in his first missionary journey, and later a disciple of Peter, understood first-hand what it meant to proclaim the good news to the world. His gospel was a direct attempt to reveal to the early Roman Christians, that embracing the good news of Jesus the Son of God, was greater than any persecution of the devil. May we be moved by his example to preach the gospel daily not just by talking, but by our way of life.

Good morning dear. God bless your day ahead. St Mark, pray for us!

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