Jesus and Disciples



BY: Fr. Karabari Paul



“So they took the money and did as they were directed; and this story has been spread among the Jews to this day.”

Among witnesses, there are those who present their account in accordance with the actual occurrence, and there are still those who would deliberately thwart the truth for selfish reasons. The Gospel of today (Matthew 28:8-15) presents these two groups; the messengers of truth, and merchants of falsehood.

After the women had gone to notify the Apostles about the resurrection of Jesus, the guards, who had been watching over the tomb, and should be the original witnesses to the resurrection, came to the city of Jerusalem and told the chief priests all that had been done. The chief priests immediately assembled a meeting of the Sanhedrin and decided to bribe the guards.

But this was the cheapest lie ever told in history. Firstly, what was the disciples going to do with the Body of Jesus after they had stolen it? All that the Jewish authorities needed to do to disprove the resurrection would be to produce the Body. Again, quite apart from the fact that it was very unlikely that a whole guard of Roman soldiers slept while they were on duty, it was absurd for them to say that what had happened, took place when they were asleep. The soldiers were advised to say they were asleep; and yet they were so awake as to have seen thieves and to know that they were disciples of Jesus. If all of the soldiers were asleep, they could never have discovered the thieves and their identity; if a few of them were awake, they should have prevented the theft. It is even more laughable that Peter who couldn’t stand a slave girl during the trials of Jesus, would together with others, as timid they were, attempt to steal their Master’s Body from a grave closed by stone, officially sealed, and guarded by well trained Roman soldiers without awakening the sleeping guards. A lie is never met with scrutiny by those who have made up their minds to believe it. Lies have more advocates today than ever before.

Sometimes, whenever we feel the truth is not in our favour but rather exposes weakness, we work so hard, including committing our resources to distort it. And why are we ready to accept money to perpetuate what we know to be false? Just pause and look at the world, people and nations readily offer their resources to advance that which they know is wicked, yet grudge a little resources for what is good for the society. Let us not starve a good cause, when we see a bad one so liberally supported.

Unfortunately, as cheap as their lie was, the Scripture attests it is the version that Jews accepted. Truth may not find a home while falsehood becomes so plausible. Lies are easily spread and accepted. But it does not change that which is truthful. Falsehood have already trained merchants in the Church, industries, government establishments, media houses and platforms. It takes even a little to mobilise them to work. And they are still recruiting. Money has always been a bait and mercenary tongues in these places will betray the truth for it. Debauched conscience resists divine light that comes with truth. GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE. May God protect us from merchants of falsehood and grant us the grace never to wear their garments and walk in their paths through Christ Our Lord Amen. Good morning.

Fr. Karabari Paul

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