Homily for Monday after Epiphany Year A (1)

Homily for Monday after Epiphany Year A

Theme: Message of repentance

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Monday January 6 2020

(Mt. 4:12-17) Monday After Epiphany
In today’s Gospel, Jesus is told to have set out on His mission. The message is clear and urgent, “Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The message is not really something new to the Israelites. John had prepared them for that message. Jesus now makes the final and important call to respond to this necessary conversion if they have to be worthy of the Kingdom.

Jesus sustained this’ll by curing the sick. Healers were also present during those days. But Jesus used healing as a means to be known and to set it as a sign of forgiveness. For the Jews, most sicknesses are symptoms of sins. If a person is healed, he is assumed to have been forgiven. If a person asks for healing, it was tantamount to asking forgiveness. Jesus became popular because he heals all kinds of sicknesses. People who have heard of His cures sought and flocked Him. They found hope in Jesus.

Unfortunately, to some of them, He remained just an ordinary healer. Worse, some were stuck to physical healing. They failed to connect it to the more important healing which is the spiritual aspect. Sin was just too satisfying to let go and turn away from. They failed to see who Jesus really was. They lost that important opportunity to be healed spiritually through the grace of being healed physically.

The attitude did not change even after more than two thousand years later. Today, people ask for healing from God. If those sicknesses were caused by sins, how can they be truly healed if they do not change their ways? A radical change must be done. The root cause must be addressed. Besides, physical concern is way below spiritual concern. if a person is so worried about his physical sickness that healing is desperately sought, how much more should a spiritual be ached? Would you rather prefer to be healed physically and stay spiritually sick? Or be spiritually healthy even if physical sickness exists? The ideal is to be healthy body and soul. But if it is not possible, we must aim for the welfare of the soul.
Remember, Jesus heals to save.

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