Homily for Monday after Epiphany (1)

Homily for Monday after Epiphany

Theme: REPENTANCE..….”The kingdom of heaven is near”

By: Fr. Jordi CASTELLET i Sala


Homily for Monday January 4 2021

Today, we begin again, so to speak. «The people who lived in darkness have seen a great light; on those who live in the land of the shadow of death, a light has shone» (Mt 4:16), Isaiah, quoted in the gospel —which takes us back to Christmas, tells us. We start again, we get another opportunity. Our time is new, the occasion asks for it, let’s humbly let the Father work in our lives.

Today we start the time that God has given us yet again, for us to sanctify, so that we can get close to Him, so that we can turn our lives into service to others. Christmas is coming to an end, next Sunday with the Baptism of the Lord, and with it the new year starts, ordinary time —as we say in Christian liturgy— to live in extenso the mystery of Christmas. The Incarnation of the Word has visited us in these days and has sown his Grace in our hearts in an infallible way, a grace which takes us back to the Kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of God that Christ has come to open up to us with His deeds and commitment from the Heart of our humanity.

Because of that, Saint Leo the Great said that «the providence and the mercy of God, who had already thought of helping a world which was collapsing at the time, determined the salvation of all peoples through Christ».

This is the right time. We cannot think that God worked more in the past than now, that it was easier to believe in Jesus —physically, I mean— than now that we do not see Him. The sacraments of the Church and the prayer of the community grant us pardon and peace and an opportunity to participate, once again, in the works of God in the world, through our work, study, friends, family, entertainment or the daily life with our brothers.

May the Lord, source of every gift and every good, make it possible for us!

Fr. Jordi CASTELLET i Sala
(Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Barcelona, Spain)

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