Homily for Good Friday (2)

Homily for Good Friday

Theme: THE GREATEST STORY EVER. On the Hills Far Away… A Good Friday Message



Homily for Friday April 10 2020

Jerusalem was once a province of Rome. In Jerusalem, Calvary was the spot for a kind a death that could be described as gruesome or brutal – DEATH BY CRUCIFIXION. The practice of nailing people to the Cross originated in Persia. Carthage, present day Tunisia borrowed the death method by crucifixion from the Persians; and the Romans borrowed the crucifixion method from Carthage.

Criminals, slaves and rebels were nailed to the Cross in antiquity. The Cross was an emblem of curse and shame. According to Cicero, a member of the Roman Senate in the time of Julius Caesar, death on the Cross was such an excruciating experience that the victims often had their tongues cut off because they would not stop raining abuses and curses on those who inflicted on them such heinous treatment.

For the Gentiles according St. Paul, the message of the Cross is folly. The Jews construe the message of the Cross as scandal. However, for believers in Christ Jesus, the message of the Cross is the power of God unto salvation. By his death on the Cross, Christ re-defined the meaning of the Cross. Hence, the Cross is no longer symbol of curse but blessing. The Cross become a symbol of life, pride and victory as against death, shame and defeat.

More than two thousand years ago between the month of March and April – the Jewish month of Nisan in which the feasts of Passover and unleavened bread are celebrated, a pure lamb without blemish by loving obedience to the Father who so loved the world, hung on an Old Rugged Cross an emblem of suffering and shame, silhouetted on a hills far away. He was asked to descend from the Cross as a prove of his divinity, but he chose to remain there to ransom men and women from every tribe, tongue, people, race and nation to God.

Jesus Christ endured the Cross in order to cleanse the world from sin. The Cross thus, reminds us that God detests sin. As we venerate the Cross today, let us remember that the price of our salvation is not something corruptible as in silver or gold; but the precious blood of the lamb without blemish. Let us cherish the Old Rugged Cross by sincerely repenting from our sins and embracing the love of God in Christ Jesus our Saviour.


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