Homily for Friday of the 5th Week of Lent Year A (1)

Homily for Friday of the 5th Week of Lent Year A


By: Fr. Ben Agbo


Homily for Friday April 3 2020

* Jer 20: 10 – 13, Jn 10: 31 – 42.
As children of God, we need to learn the right way of facing our enemy. Jeremiah faces his enemies in today’s 1st reading with two weapons; legitimate defense /proof of innocence and complaint to God – prayer of complaint. In today’s gospel, Jesus also faces his detractors with two weapons; the weapons of righteousness and truth. He said: ‘I have shown you many good works from the Father, for which of these do you stone me?’. The real problem in both cases of Jeremiah and Jesus is the problem of facing the enemy in a head on collision with the truth. And that truth was that he was righteous and they were not; He was the Son of God and they were sinners. His claims of sonship enraged the Jews and they took up stones to kill him because they accused him of blasphemy. But because God is in Jesus and Jesus is in God; because God and Jesus shared the same nature, purpose and works, he simply eluded them. Even Jeremiah did. And so will you.

Children of God must learn to face their enemies with the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the Word of God, the helmet of salvation and the belt of truth, Eph 6 : 14 – 18. You don’t need to fight back your enemy with his own style but in the style of God’s children. ‘You are gods all of you – Sons of the most high God’, Ps 82 : 6. Be patient with your enemy and love them, Matt 5 : 45 as your heavenly Father does. Tolerate your enemy for his /her nuisance value. According to VimaDasan : ‘Our friends tell us what they like in us, but our enemies tell us what they don’t like in us ; thus they rub off our artificial varnish and make us see our natural complexion’. Our enemies constantly put us on our knees and make us remain impeccable. So why don’t we love them? May God bless you today!

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