Homily for Friday of the 5th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Homily for Friday of the 5th Week in Ordinary Time Year A


By: Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare


Homily for Friday, February 15 2019

(Gen 3:1-8/Ps 32:1-2,5-7/Mk 7:31-37)

The devil can bring a change into your life and it could be permanent, if you allow it. Yes, the devil changes life as, through the serpent, he did to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. In the company of the devil, you can have a chance to enjoy some taste, new experiences and horizon. Only keep in mind that the purpose of the devil’s invitation for a dinner is your final destruction. He baits us to our doom.

The Gospel presents us with another life changer. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord. He also brings lasting changes that can only be distorted by the recipients. He does all things well, including those distorted by the devil. His ultimate aim is to grant us lasting joy and eternal life.

We have a fundamental choice to make and keep. We must decide to purely remain with the Lord and obey Him. In case we have permitted the evil one to distort our past, let us rush back to Jesus with humility and faith. He will restore us back for He does all things well.


~For the restoration of those who have backslide

~For restoration of what we have distorted

~That we can abide with the Lord forever

(Rev Fr Joseph Nyarko Asare of the Catholic Diocese of Obuasi)

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