Homily for Friday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year A.

Homily for Friday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: The Kingdom of God

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


(Mk.4:26-34) Friday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells another parable on the Kingdom of God. Jesus used the symbol Kingdom because the Jews were very familiar with it. For them, it is the ultimate institution or jurisdiction. To belong to a kingdom is to have security, peace, community, livelihood and sustenance. The king sees to it that all his subjects are taken cared of. Thus, in order to teach about eternal life or heaven, Jesus used the image of the kingdom where God reigns.

The parable gives us a characteristic of the Kingdom of God. It grows gradually like a plant. Further, the gradual growth is almost invisible. We know it is happening and it is there. One day, it will just reveal itself. Meantime, it is there, continuously developing, unfolding, maturing, and blooming. “Aletheia”, the Greeks will exclaim!

More than a place, the Kingdom of God is a state. Where God reigns, there is the Kingdom of God. If God reigns in our person, it is in us. If God reigns in a family, it is in the home. If God reigns in a country, it is all over the land. If God reigns in the world, then the world is God’s Kingdom.

The attitude is to always try to be good. In every situation, every chance, and every personal encounter, strive to let God’s will happen. When God’s will prevail, God reigns and the Kingdom appears!

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