Homily for Friday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A (1)

Homily for Friday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A

Theme: The One who is to come

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Friday December 13 2019

(Mt. 11:16-19) Friday of the Second Week of Advent
In today’s First Reading the prophet Isaiah reveals to us who is the Lord, the One who is to come. He will take very good care of us by teaching us what we should do and guide us to where we should go. The Gospel compliments it well with Jesus’ experience with the leaders of Israel. Jesus correctly pointed out their refusal to believe Him as the One sent because of His person and origin. On the other hand, John the Baptist, His precursor, was also rejected for other reasons. It led Jesus to accuse them of not believing at whatever cost.
It was a big mistake by the leaders and many close-minded Jews. They did not learn from Jesus’ teachings and did not allow Him to lead them. Many of them, up to now, wait for the promised Messiah.
While it was a hard decision for the Jews, they could have given Jesus a chance. God’s ways are indeed not man’s ways but man could grasp God’s will in humility and inspiration by the Spirit. Even in our human relationship, listening, open-mindedness, humility, and taking risks are present. There are a lot we do not know. It is for our own benefit to make full use of our faculties. Stop, look, and listen are good responses to something new. If there were people, like the apostles, who were able to get a glimpse of the true person of Jesus, how much more today when many more mysteries about Him and His Church had been revealed. If our present generation is not seeing Jesus as He is and, therefore, not responding as expected, the lack does not anymore come from Jesus but from us.

Have we developed that necessary trust in God? Have we seen His true nature, i.e. He is truly human and truly God? Do we allow ourselves to be taught and be led by Him? We can never have a better teacher than Jesus. No one can lead us to a better place than Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

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