Homily for Friday of the 1st Week of Advent Year A (2)

Homily for Friday of the 1st Week of Advent Year A

Theme: You shall no more be ashamed and your face will never grow pale

By: Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf


Homily for Friday December 6 2019

READINGS: Isaiah 29: 17-24, Ps. 27, Matt. 9: 27-31

Jesus is the kind of God that has many good plans for those who love him and do his will. The prophecy of Isaiah which says that in no long time the fruitless Lebanon shall become fruitful while the fruitful ones shall now turn into a forest is fulfilled in the gospel. Jesus’ coming is to bring a turn-around of events in favour of those who do his will and against those who flaunt in disobedience. The promise of changing the plight of the deaf, the blind, the meek, and the poor was seen fulfilled in the gospel of today. In the gospel the two blind men who cried out in faith to Jesus asking for healing represent all other people who need divine intervention and change of predicament by the Messiah.

Beloved in Christ, faith in what God is and teaches about himself coupled with belief in his power and ability to change every humanly impossible situation is necessary. We need to cultivate strong faith in God and believe in what he can do and that with him all things are possible. We must if we need a change in our lives, have strong faith in God because Jesus would always ask people who need something from him whether they believe he can do it and if they show faith in him, he does it for them. He would not do anything for anybody who displays lack of faith in him or no belief. So to gain graceful blessing from God demands our effort and commitment to faith in Jesus Christ. Those who are ruthless shall come to nothing, scoffers and all who seek to do evil would be cut off from the distribution of God’s favour. Whoever that lies against the innocent and seek to destroy the prophet of God and make wrong the righteous shall not inherit any blessing from him.

Beloved, the ball is on our court and we can decide to play it or not, to play it to any direction of our choice or withhold it. The Lord is always the light and help for those who trust in him and since he is the stronghold of the upright, they shall not fear anything. May we all long for the dwelling in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives and savour his sweetness. May we see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living and have it right into our entrance in the land after death, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf

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