Homily for Friday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (2)

Homily for Friday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Obey the Lord, answer his call and receive much blessing.

By: Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf


Homily for Friday July 12 2019

READING: Genesis 46: 1-7. 28-30, Ps. 37, Matthew 10: 16-23
Obedience is said to be the first and highest law and demand of as well as the greatest expectation of a subject by his master. For the subject to enjoy the blessing and support of his master, he must obey his commands and respect his dictates and laws. Obedience opens the heart of love for the obedient one to dwell in the depth of the heart of the one he obeys.

It softens hardened heart and weakens the strong. It makes the master to change and accommodate the obedient servant. The best way to attract blessings and support of a higher authority is through obedience and respect of his ways. If you follow the instructions of someone in authority he protects your interest and sees to your good. Every organized body or group that has to do with others produce a guide of action which is called rules, precepts, ordinance, code of conduct, law or statutes. God has his in the Decalogue from the beginning of his journey with Israel and favoured those who kept to these laws, decrees and commandments. This is why the psalmist said: The lovers of your law have great peace, Lord. Down through the history of humanity and God in their relationship, the disobedient suffers while the obedient enjoys the favour of God and that is called blessing. The first reading made it very manifest in Jacob.

Beloved, the story of Israel (Jacob) started earlier with the obedience of his Father Isaac even that of his forefather Abraham. It is like the spirit of obedience runs through the family starting from Abraham through Isaac and then to Israel. Israel in obedience to God moved to Beersheba and offered the prescribed sacrifices to God and by this obedient sacrifice God spoke to him in a vision and revealed his hidden plan of unprecedented blessings for him. Here God linked him back to the man of covenant his father Isaac and promised him that he will be with him in the place he is going (Egypt). God asked him to remove fear which erodes faith and destroys trust. He told him not to entertain fear which comes with doubt of what has been willed and made possible by God. These obedient fathers of our faith are the reason when we pray we say: God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

A link to them brings back the memory of friendship with God in their virtue of obedient service to God. If he obeys God by going to Egypt as requested by Joseph the man who was sold as a slave and sent ahead of them to prepare for them in this time of need, then he shall amass blessings. God by this obedience would make him a great nation because God will go down with him. When you obey God in his instruction, He goes with you in your journey of life to wherever you may go. He will lead you to the right places of awaiting blessing. God by your obedience will single you out for blessing and make you great in the midst of others. Jacob was a man who accepts God’s will and he puts that obedient spirit in his family. And so he moved with all of them to the place God prepared for them. Your obedience will certainly produce a Judah who will go before you like John the Baptist: As for you little child, you shall go ahead of the Lord because you shall be called the prophet of God the Most High. Your obedience shall make kings to get up and meet you ahead to usher you into your walls of blessing. Your obedience will stir your blessings (Joseph the source of blessing) to go out and meet you in warm embrace. Your bad memories and negative past shall bring you to the blessings of the moment removing your past pains to a present joyful mood like Jacob. Your history would change as you move from sorrowful to joyful and glorious mysteries of life.

Beloved, the gospel presented us with the sending of the seventy disciples who embraced their own blessing in obedience to God’s will of going to where they were sent heeding to his specific instruction of depending on God for everything in their life journey. Even though they go into the midst of wolves, no evil shall fall and no harm betide them because: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High and abides in the shades of the Almighty will have the Lord as his refuge. God in your obedience will speak for you in moments of danger and attack of the enemy. Remember the obedience of the Lord will make you to endure to the end and that would make you to be saved.

I pray that we may always trust in the Lord and obey him because from the Lord comes our salvation. May we find our delight in the Lord who will grant all our heart’s desire. May the Lord be our stronghold in times of distress, may he rescue and save us for we take refuge in him, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf