Homily for Friday after Epiphany Year C (1)

Homily for Friday after Epiphany Year C

Theme: Prayer as a means of communication

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


(Lk. 5:12-16) Friday After Epiphany

In today’s Gospel Jesus is said to have withdrawn to a deserted place after teaching and curing a man full of leprosy. Prayer was part of the daily routine of the Lord Jesus. He was always in communication with His Father about everything He did and would do during His life and ministry.

We ask why does Jesus pray? If He is God, why still confer with His Father? A child is a child and a son is a son. Also, never forget that Jesus was truly human. Further still, He was formed by His parents as a good Jew. Prayer was constitutive of being a good Jew. There were temptations to Jesus to veer away from His mission. While John was careful not to assume the role of the Messiah, Jesus was careful not to fail as the Messiah. Luke, specifically, mentioned Jesus growing in wisdom and strength. While He is God, He is still human. He fulfilled His mission in His humanity and divinity.

Praying is being humble and obedient. Jesus knew that He needed His father to effect salvation. Luke was right on the point in mentioning Jesus’ prayer life. It is good to note too that Jesus always prayed when faced with big decisions. He prayed before He embarked on His ministry when He retreated in the desert. He prayed after teaching and curing. He prayed when He was confronted with His death in Gethsemane. He even prayed when He was about to die. The intimacy of Jesus and His father was unquestionable.

If Jesus prayed, we also must. Much more with us, I believe. Unfortunately, many Christians take prayer for granted. Many see it as a waste of time. Some pray only to ask for some particular needs. Nothing wrong with that except that it is not enough. We do not only pray when we ask.

Thanksgiving, praising, and even feeling God’s presence are also prayers. Just like in any human relationship, we need to relate always in order to know each other’s will and condition. Prayer or communication cultivates relationships and leads that relationship into a great loving one. No doubt, Jesus’ prayer life was part of His mission. No doubt too, prayer is a part of our Christian life.

Pray! Talk to God. Be yourself before Him. Express your feelings, thoughts, and longings. Have faith. God responds!

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