Homily for Friday after Epiphany Year A (1)

Homily for Friday after Epiphany Year A

Theme: Source of grace

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Friday January 10 2020

(Lk. 5:12-16)

In today’s Gospel, we have a man full of leprosy who pleaded to Jesus for healing. He told Jesus that if He wishes, leprosy will leave him. Jesus obliged and the man was healed of leprosy. How did the healing happen? What were the elements present in this healing encounter between Jesus and the leper?

First, the leper asked for the healing. That should be what happens in prayer. God may know what we need, but we have to ask it from Him. It makes us humble. We admit that we are powerless against sickness. We admit that God is the doctor of life. For the leper, it was not a simple gesture of asking. He showed it by prostrating himself, pleading for Jesus to grant the request.

Second, once the grace was asked, Jesus proceeded to grant it. For Jesus, and for all Jews, it was not just physical healing but spiritual healing as well. Leprosy and other sicknesses were signs of sinfulness. Thus, a pleading to be healed is also a pleading to be forgiven.

Third, Jesus asked the healed man to offer thanksgiving. The thanksgiving is not a requirement for healing. It is a recognition of God’s action and acknowledgement of God’s grace. Gratitude is an apt response to a moment of grace. Gratitude makes us more worthy of further graces. Gratitude is an emptying of oneself so that God’s graces will pour in.
Thus, in prayer, we do not just kneel and mouth prayers. We need to tell God what we need. We beg Him to grant what we need according to His wishes. And when we receive the grace, make an act of gratitude.

Today, the Feast of the Black Nazarene is celebrated. Many people join the devotion, specially the procession for various reasons. Some are there to ask for graces. Some are there because they are presently waiting for graces. Some are there to give thanks for the graces they had received. In whatever stage they are, may they seriously seek the source of grace, the Lord Jesus. let they not be focused or contented with the grace coming from the Lord. May they aspire for the very source of grace. May they receive Jesus, the fullness of grace.

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