Homily for Easter Sunday year C (2)

Homily for Easter Sunday year C

Theme: Easter Joy

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Sunday, April 21 2019

What attracts me about Easter is the joy of Jesus risen. From the human point of view, facing death and going through it possessing the assurance of the Father, is not easy. Even the best of faith contains an iota of doubt. What matters is the resolve to proceed and leave everything in the Father’s hand. Jesus went through it freely and with a lot of faith. Finding Himself rising from the dead gave Him that Easter joy!

Magdalene was considered one of the first (the Encuentro proclaims Mary as the first who met the risen Jesus) to met the risen Lord. The meeting made her experience the joy of Jesus, the joy of Easter. She was so joyful she ran to the apostles and told them of the Good News. With Easter joy, you cannot bear it alone. Easter joy compels you to ran and share it.

We are Easter people. We share in that joy of Jesus. Let us share it too like what Magdalene did.


Happy Easter!

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