Homily for Christmas Day Year C (2)

children of God

Theme: “… no room for them in the inn,”
By: Fr. Benny Tuazon
Homily for Saturday December 25 2021
(Luke 1:1-14) CHRISTMAS DAY
In today’s Gospel we have Luke’s account of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Almost unnoticed but sticking like a sore thumb in the account is Luke’s mentioning that our Lord was laid in a manger because there was “no room for the in the inn.” A manger is a trough where animals eat. That in itself already explains the poverty where the Savior was born! Add to this the fact that He was born in Bethlehem, a small town outside the city. Why would God allow His only Son to be born this way? It was already grand that He was God and would become man like us.
Just like many of the great figures in the bible, the circumstances of the birth of Jesus says a lot about His life and mission. One of these is being born not in a home. St. John put it this way, “He came to what was His own, and His own people did not accept Him.” (John 1:11) Indeed, the account of Luke was not just about God’s Son being born in a poor place but a sign of what is to come to this child when He embarks on His ministry. People who once followed Him will reject Him. One of His apostles who had heard His teachings and saw His miracles will betray Him. Finally, His most trusted apostle, Peter, will deny Him not once but thrice. It did not stop there. Even until now, many of His so called followers, the Christians, repeat all these offenses against Him.
There is no place like home. Home is the best place for all; rich or poor, learned or not, and citizens or foreigners. At night, when we want to rest or sleep, a place like home is what we ache for. Yet, the Savior of the world, at the beginning of His life on earth, on his birth, no room was available. This should prompt a reflection on our part. We complain at the experience of even at the smallest convenience. We dread being put in a situation of lack: lack of power, lack of prestige, lack of food, lack of luxuries, lack of power, lack of attention, etc. Jesus, the Saviour, born not in a room but a manger speaks a lot about life and its meaning and purpose. While those are not necessarily bad, being enslave by them is bordering on idolatry. Jesus offers a reversal of values at the onset of His life here on earth. In a way, Jesus redefines “home.” Home is not only a place but a state. True home is when you are with God.
Thus, as a Christian, we are not driven by the values of this world. We are in the world but not of the world. We ought not be ready to “leave what everyone thinks and wants, the prevailing standards, in order to enter the light of the truth of our being and aided by the light to find the right path.” (Bp. Barron)Jesus may have been born in a manger, yet it did not stop Him from His mission of saving man from sin.
The very way we celebrate Christmas these days precisely gives us that challenge. Christmas has been associated with loud music, luxuries, parties, lavish decorations, bright and beautiful colors, etc. Secularity has dominated its spirit. The reason for the season, who is Jesus the Lord, has become one of them. Worse, not even in the top ten. Preachers never stopped reminding everyone of this important message. The ball is in the faithful’s hand. In the same way that Jesus showed that home is where God is, Christmas is when Jesus is born in the poverty of your heart.
Merry Christmas to all!
God bless you!

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