Fr. Gerald Musa Homily for Tuesday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II (1)

Fr. Gerald Musa Homily for Tuesday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II

Theme: LAW and MERCY

By: Fr. Gerald M. Musa.

Homily for Tuesday January 18 2022


The Magazine Peniel Herald tells the story of a man who became a magistrate One morning his friend was brought before him for breaking the law of the land. People who knew the relationship between them expected the magistrate to discharge, acquit, or be lenient to his friend. To their amazement, he asked the lawbreaker to pay a heavy fine. However, the magistrate dipped his hands in his pocket and paid the fine. He performed his duty as a magistrate and also demonstrated mercy by his kind gesture. The Pharisees reported the disciples of Jesus for ot keeping the laws of the Sabbath and expected Jesus to punish his disciples. The disciples broke the law of the Sabbath when they were hungry by plucking heads TRUTH ÎN LOVE of grain to eat. Jesus responded to the Pharisees, “The Sabbath was made for man; not man for the Sabbath; so, the Son of manis Lord even ofthe Sabbath.” Jesus wanted them to understand that every law is made for the good and salvation of souls (Salus Animarum). Therefore, every law must be interpreted with merciful love According to Pope Francis, another name for God is mercy.

Today, many of us are good at keeping the law but are very poor at showing mercy. Jesus teaches us that when we keep laws and lack the milk of human kindness, we reduce ourselves to noisy gongs. Are we busy judging other people mercilessly or are we making efforts to bring them to Jesus through our love and compassion?

Mk 2:23-28; Tuesday, 2nd Week.


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