Daily reflection for Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Advent (7)

Daily reflection for Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Advent


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi,EHJ


Reflection for Wednesday December 8 2021

Luke 1:26-38. December 8, 2021.

Mary who is full of grace and free from sin, though puzzled at first, obediently received God’s message from the Angel. She believed in the reassurance given her by the Angel. She cooperated by remaining sinless and virtuous amidst all the young ladies of her time. Do I try as much as possible to avoid falling into sin? Do I immediately approach Jesus with a humble and contrite heart whenever I falter?
Lord Jesus Christ, I want to belong entirely to you. Make my heart pure and clean. Wipe out my sins of impurity and let goodness and love reside in me. Like Mary your mother who was conceived without sin and led a holy and exemplary life may I also be upright in thought and deed. Amen.
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