Daily reflection for Monday of the 4th Week of Advent (1)

Daily reflection for Monday of the 4th Week of Advent


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi, EHJ


Reflection for Monday December 20 2021

Luke 1:26-38.

Mary though puzzled at first, obediently received in faith God’s message from the Angel. Her initial question was not borne out of doubt or refusal to cooperate with God’s power, but a simple and humble question that shows her readiness to understand and comply. On receiving the answer she said ‘fiat’ to the will of God. She was ready to carry out God’s mission for her. Can I also say I am the handmaid of God when faced with challenging situations? Do I spread criticism and ugly news, or, like Angel Gabriel bring good and positive news/report to others? Do I firmly believe firmly that with God everything is possible? Am I hesitant in saying yes to God’s will in my life? Do I know, and have I started carrying out God’s special task for me?

Dear God, you chose a poor and simple lady like Mary to be the mother of your Son, look kindly on me and let your will be done in my life. Help me to love Mary because she bore Jesus my savior, and devoted her life to Him. Give me faith and trust to know that my success is not due to my ingenuity and logical thinking but to your mercy, favour and grace. Help me to believe that you always keep your promises. Help me to always listen and allow your will to be done in my life. Amen.

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