Daily reflection for Friday after Epiphany (1)

Daily reflection for Friday after Epiphany


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi

Reflection for Friday January 7 2022



Lk 5: 12 – 16.

So immense was the suffering of the leper that Jesus healed. He knew without doubt that Jesus could heal him if he wanted to. I need to let Jesus have his way and clean me and renew me. Am I deformed by a spiritual leprosy called mortal sin? Have I given up on myself or do I believe that Jesus can make me clean inside out? Do I humbly seek help from those who are better than me? How often do I clean my soul through sacramental confession?

Lord Jesus, teach me the humility of the leper who begged you to make him clean. Heal me of the leprosy of pride. May I admit that I need spiritual help and counselling and humbly seek for people who can help me. Let me be thoroughly clean and healthy when I go to confession with deep and true contrition. Amen.

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