Daily homily for Thursday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (1)

Daily homily for Thursday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Theme: JESUS SEND OUT THE APOSTLES…..” As you go, make this proclamation: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand”

By: Fr. Antonio BORDAS i Belmonte
(L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, Spain)


Homily for Thursday July 8 2021

Today, the Gospel invites us to evangelize, it says: “Preach” (Mt 10:7). The announcement is Jesus’ good news, trying to tell us about the kingdom of God, that He is our savior, sent by the Father to the world and for this reason, the only one who can renew us from within and change the society in which we live.

Jesus proclaimed that “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Mt 10:7). He was the herald of the Kingdom of God that was present among men and women to the extent that good would advance and evil would retreat.
Jesus wants the whole man’s salvation, in body and in spirit; more so, by the enigma that concerns humanity, which is death, Jesus proposes the resurrection. When someone lives dead for a sin and recovers the grace, he will experience a new life. This is a great mystery that we begin to experience from our baptism; Christians are called to the resurrection!
Here’s a sample of how Pope Francis seeks the good of man: “This culture of waste has also made us insensitive to wasting and throwing out excess foodstuffs. There was a time when our grandparents were very careful not to throw away any leftover food. Whenever food is thrown out it is as if it were stolen from the table of the poor, from the hungry!”

Jesus tells us to always be bearers of peace. When the priests brings the Communion to a sick person he says, ‘Lord’s Peace to this house! “. And the peace of Christ remains there, if there are people worthy of it. To receive the gifts of God’s kingdom one needs a good inner will. On the other hand, we also see many people making excuses for not receiving the Gospel.

We have a great task among men, and we cannot fail to preach the Gospel after having believed, because we live it and we want others to live it also.

Fr. Antonio BORDAS i Belmonte
(L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, Spain)

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