Daily homily for Saturday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (2)

Daily homily for Saturday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Theme: Remain faithful in witnessing for Christ

By: Fr Francis Onwunali


Homily for Saturday October 16 2021

On this last day of the twenty-eight liturgical week, the readings of today are calling on us to respond to God’s promises in trust and open ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the gift of God’s presence in our lives.

St. Paul in the first reading (Rm. 4: 13, 16-18), reminds the Romans that what made Abraham the “father of all believers” and “father of many nations” is not his actions obeying the law but his faith, trusting in God’s faithfulness to His promises. Faith is the key to our salvation! Abraham, though in an impossible situation- bearing a child at an advanced age of 100 years and Sarah at 90 years, he still believed in the fulfilment of God’s Word. Do I live a life of unwavered faith, trusting in God’s graciousness?

Jesus after rebuking the hypocritical life of the Pharisees, turned to His disciples in today’s gospel (Luke 12: 8-12) encouraging them to remain faithful in witnessing to Him in the world. Those who acknowledge their relationship with Jesus will be recognized in heaven, and the Holy Spirit will always be their guide.
Dear friends, Jesus warns today that total rejection of the actions of the Holy Spirit in our life, is a sin that cannot be forgiven because it is a conscious rejection of salvation. The Holy Spirit will give us wisdom and understanding, right judgment, good counsel and discernment.

I pray as we journey in life today, we will be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the depths of our soul, so that we can witness in faith. May our faith be as strong as that of Abraham, no matter the challenges we are facing at the moment, at home, at work, in your relationship or struggling with sin, remain resolute in faith, for what God is about doing in your life, is going to cause people to want to know the God you serve. May we always respond: “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening; You have the message of eternal life”. Have a faith-full day!

Fr Francis Onwunali

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