BY: Fr. Boniface Ogonna



1st Reading. Wis.7:7-11
Resp. Ps.90:12-13,14-15,16-16
2nd Reading. Heb.4:12-13


We celebrate Christ the Wisdom and Word of God on this these day twenty-eight Sunday . Even if we have nothing in this world, Christ is sufficient and all things for us. We are rich in him because, he is alive and active in our hearts.

Our first reading today personalizes Wisdom. She is the most precious of all pearls. She is God himself. All good things come from, and must return to Him. Nothing can be compared with Her. Nothing has value without Her. Whoever possesses her has everything.

All created things only partake in the beauty and splendor of God. Hence, we must seek wisdom more than material wealth. This is because, to possess her, is to possess the most precious of all wealth. Hence, saint Augustine reminds us that: Our heart must not rest until it is united with this precious Wisdom.

In our second reading, the letter to the Hebrews describes the word of God as: “a double-aged sword that cuts across the bones.” Through this, it simply reminds us that the word of God is the ultimate and irresistible power through which God reaches and enriches us.

The word of God conquers and transforms every heart that humbly receives it. So, as the fullness of wisdom, God’s Word “incarnated the scriptures”, is powerful. It brings our real thoughts and intents to light, and also dispels all forms of darkness.

Hence, when God prints his word in our hearts through the power of his spirit, it powerfully convinces, converts, transforms and comforts us. God’s Word humbles a proud heart. It makes a perverse spirit to be meek and humble. It increases virtue in a humble heart.
Today’s gospel is very interesting. It highlights the fact that, a truly rich person is one who possesses true Wisdom and not just material wealth alone. It also, reminds us of how material wealth could be a grave obstacle to obtaining true Wisdom.

The rich man in today’s gospel came to justify himself, and to parade his religious piety. Indeed, Jesus appreciated his effort. However, Christ knew that something was really lacking in him. Christ diagnosed him of only problem, attachment to his wealth.

This was his “Achilles heel” or “weak spot.” According to his testimony, it seemed to him that he had done “all things well.” Unfortunately, his weak spot was an untouchable area. He walked away sad without dropping it before Christ. He did all things well but lacked the wisdom to understand that the key to eternal life was detachment from this world. There are important lessons to learn from today’s readings.

First, we might have a weak spot unknown to us. Only the wisdom of God can help us illuminate this. Second, at times, it seems to us that we have done “all things well.” Unfortunately, pride and love of this world makes it difficult for us to see the true reality of our lives.
Third, we must not allow material wealth to become an obstacle between us and eternal life. Today, Christ teaches us that attachment to wealth is the easiest way to forsake God. This is because, attachment to wealth and this world, over burdens and alienates one’s soul. It makes our spiritual journey very heavy, difficult, and almost impossible.

Finally, in other to be truly wise in dealings with the wealth of this world, we must seek the wisdom and understanding that comes from God. With the psalmist, let us humbly say to God, the true wisdom: “Fill us with your love, that we may rejoice.”

Fr. Boniface Ogonna

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